Gianni Versace, 1993-2013
Super 8 Film transferred to DVD
Sound Track:
HARRY PUSSY, Untitled (aka Nose Ring) (1993, Esync) 7"

Gianni Versace purchased the building known at the time as the Amsterdam Palace in 1992 for $2.9 million. After evicting the elderly and retired tenants and receiving city approval, he demolished the Revere hotel next door, and a two-story, 6,100-foot addition was built, transforming it into the Casa Casuarina, Versace's Miami Beach house. Versace was murdered on July 15, 1997, at the age of 51, outside his Miami Beach mansion; he was shot to death on his front steps.

Harry Pussy was a rock band from Miami, active from 1992 to 1997. The main members were Bill Orcutt on guitar and vocals and Adris Hoyos on drums and vocals. The often loud, violent and sexually charged music of Harry Pussy is still well-regarded and highly influential in the noise and noise rock scenes.

The short film Gianni Versace is an exercise is uniting two disparate sources; the event of demolishing a landmark piece of Miami Beach architecture with the historic recording of a seminal Miami Beach rock band.

These two short videos document a Pirate Radio transmission that occurred in May, 2011.
DJ Tape Head and DJ Ciro Splicer mixed a two hour audio collage using "found" audio tapes and cassettes as the source material.